Security Engineer with high ambitions!

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Are you a security engineer interested in working at the cutting edge of technology? Do you enjoy learning many new things? If you look into the future, do you see yourself as an even greater hacker/engineer/technologist, or a Head of Security, or both?

At Peltarion we are looking for an ambitious security engineer who has a deep interest in technical security and wants to learn a lot about everything! Someone who is also up to doing formal information security work (like risk management) once in a while, but for now wants to focus on engineering. 

The role is unique in two different ways.

On the technical side, we are doing cutting edge work in artificial intelligence. This means we have a highly diverse technical environment. Not only do we have multiple cloud environments, Kubernetes and a microservice architecture, but also unusual things like physical servers with really powerful graphics cards, for number crunching. What does this mean for security? How do we protect these things?

On the other side, the role is special because you will (for the time being) be our only security specialist! This means you will have tremendous opportunities to shape security at Peltarion. This opportunity comes with responsibility: we expect you to have an opinion about security and help prioritize work, and be comfortable to figure things out. That said, you will never be alone! You will work inside our infrastructure team together with our senior infrastructure engineers. You will also be an integral part of our Security Group, working together with our General Counsel and Head of Engineering on business security strategy.

We think open redirects are lame, we think SSRF:s are leet, and we think security is fun and interesting. Agree or disagree? Reach out and we will talk. It will be fun!

A few words about us
Peltarion provides an operational AI platform for producing real-world AI applications at scale and at speed. Our goal is to make machine learning widely available: be it rapid prototyping for data scientists, using our wizard to build an image classifier for a hobby app project, or a sentiment analysis system for a business case. It is the first platform to provide fast, efficient and scalable production of commercially viable AI applications without extensive prior knowledge about machine learning.

We have barely scratched the surface of what is possible and AI will change the world fundamentally. At Peltarion we have been helping doctors fight cancer, carmakers optimize battery power, curators identify moods in music, farmers keep their crops secure... The platform plays a key role in this. And the opportunities to do more expand every day. Today, AI and deep learning is certainly not for everyone. We want to change that. Enable a wide audience to solve new classes of problems that were previously hard or impossible to solve, even without prior AI experience.


  • Be a part of the Infrastructure Team but work with security on a company-wide level. I.e: Help out in all teams and departments.
  • Perform technical security evaluations, such as security reviews, risk assessments and penetration testing. This means you will both help out engineers (reviewing sensitive code and infrastructure) and product managers and our architects, making sure features and architectural improvements are secure by design. You will also do your own pentesting.
  • Keep up with the latest vulnerabilities/exploits as well as security technologies. Make sure that we protect ourselves from current threats.
  • Implement new security features/controls. This could include infrastructure improvements in our cloud environments, or IAM improvements, deploying a new security tool, or similar.
  • Help out the Infrastructure Team with security related infrastructural improvements.
  • Help out the Security Group with security strategy and prioritizing security work.

Desired Skills

  • Experience with communicating security findings to people who are not security experts like yourself.
  • Product Security and AppSec, for example knowledge of OWASP Top 10.
  • Good understanding of Linux (We’re running Ubuntu).
  • Comfortable with programming, scripting, tooling, automation and orchestration.
  • Experience with administration of cloud environments such as GCP and Azure.
  • Knowledge of network security (load balancers, firewalls, cloud networking, VPN).
  • Knowledge of risk management and security frameworks (ISO 27001 and similar) would be a plus.

If you have a peculiar hobby, a kind heart, and a dedicated mind and are on the lookout for a challenge like the one we described in this text, there’s a good chance we’ll be a great match

Or, know someone who would be a perfect fit? Let them know!

Our Company Culture

We believe that a great way to create a good culture is through diversity - in skills, experience and background. Because of our differences, and not despite them, we give ourselves a chance to work better together and achieve great results!

Work-life balance and health (mental too!) is key for us and we encourage taking good care of ourselves and each other. We sometimes arrange fun activities (like football) and most eatable things at office have well-being in mind (like breakfast, vaccine, massage, green juice and more…) (on rare occasions, cinnamon buns = happiness is also well-being)

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