Life in Stockholm 🇸🇪

A summary good of things to know when relocating to Stockholm

Peltarion is on a journey to enable our vision of AI everywhere advancing humankind. Our AI platform is now being used to help doctors fight cancer, carmakers optimize battery power, curators identify moods in music, farmers keep their crops secure... And the opportunities to do more expand every day.

In order to do this, we're looking for talented people & we’re open to finding them wherever they are!  So this page here is for YOU who are curious about joining our mission and who would like to call this beautiful city in the heart of Sweden your future home.  


Working in Stockholm

Company Culture 

How do you define culture in just a couple of sentences? Well first, we believe that a great way to create a good culture is through trust. By hiring exceptional people we trust them to make great decisions that reflect well on their work, performance and the company. 

We are on a journey to operationalize AI but on the way to getting there, we also encourage taking good care of ourselves and each other & to have fun.  We seriously value time together. For the ones who want and can, we have breakfast in the morning, board game nights every now and then, a monthly soccer team in Vasaparken, a traditional crayfish party in august, and lots of people go running together at lunch. Healthy habits things like our green juice & smoothie station, massage, and morning meditations are also close to our hearts. And let's not forget about Fika! We ❤️ fika. 

Annual leave 
Even though we love our work and the journey of change that we are on - we also believe that in order to feel good you need time to log off. You get 30 vacation days off annually, which is something we encourage all employees to take in order to be with your loved ones, try new things or maybe travel!

Work hours 
Life looks different for everyone and therefore we try to be flexible to how your everyday looks like. Picking and dropping off kids? Walking your cute puppy in the morning? Really want to take that morning jog? No problem!

Flexibility is key and even though we work hard and always try to play at the highest level in everything we do - we also encourage you to concentrate during work hours only and stick to your 40 hours per week. Here you don't have to choose - it's a great place to have a family & hobbies while maintaining a high-level career. 

Relocation process

Moving to a new country with a new culture, new people and weather can be quite overwhelming. But no need to worry - we are with you all the way and we take care of the logistics for you! 

Peltarion helps with relocation not only for you as our future colleague but also for your family. As soon as the contract has been signed the process kicks off.. 

1. First contact with relocation firm

We collaborate with a trusted relocation firm in the matters of new & extensions of work permits. The first step is to connect you and they will ask you to submit needed information. 

2. Complete needed documents

The relocation firm will ask you to submit the needed paperwork. Make sure the information is correct and that everything is included. 

3. We submit the application for work permit

The application is then submitted to Migrationsverket. Through our collaboration with the relocation firm, the application does not take more than 15 days for a first time application. 

4. Start looking for housing

One of the biggest questions one may ask before moving is where am I going to live? Well, we got you covered! Through the relocation firm, we also offer to help with finding your first home. By using their services, you can get the chance to online review houses or apartments before your arrival or physical showings when you have arrived. 

5. Application approved!

You have now gotten your work permit! We now start planning for your arrival to Sweden. If you are granted permits for three months or more will also receive a residence permit card. If you need entry visas to travel to Sweden are given their card by the embassy or consulate-general. If you are able to travel to Sweden without an entry visa you submit documentation for a residence permit card at the Migration Agency in Sweden. 

6. Your first day! 🎉

Yay - you are here and ready to kick-off your first day as an employee! 

Living in Stockholm


You will come to know that one of our favorite topics is the weather! As spring, summer, fall and winter each has their own unique personalities and vary a lot everyone has something to say about it. 

Spring runs from March/April to May during these months you will find all the cafés and restaurants' outdoor seatings completely packed as we take every chance to sit outside in the sun even though it isn't particularly warm because "det är vår"
(= it's spring) & we have missed the sun during the winter. 

Summer runs from June to August and the weather is usually mild – not cold, but not that dry Mediterrane heat either. However, you will definitely find the swedes at the beach when the temperature is over 20C & let's not forget about the light which lasts about 17 hours a day and makes for long evenings all through summer!

Fall runs from September to October/November and is usually characterized by wet, chilly weather with abundant rainfall. But if you are lucky, you can watch "the Golden autumn" a pure treat and something quite magical. 

Sweden is famous for its fairytale winters that run from November/December to March/February but in Stockholm, there usually isn't heavy snow & the thermometer drops only 1-10 degrees below zero. However, it gets dark early here in winter &  daylight during these couple of months lasts about 6-7 hours per day. 

Health care 🏥
The Swedish healthcare system is financed by a social insurance that provides all citizens with subsidised healthcare through the government. There are both public and private providers of healthcare. If you have obtained a Swedish personal identity number, or are a holder of the European Health Insurance Card, you are entitled to healthcare at the standard patient fee, with some exceptions depending on tax payer status. When being employed by Peltarion - you are also included in Health Insurance to complement the regular system.
Parental days 👶🏼
The Swedish parental leave – the so-called föräldrapenning is a generous one. It is paid out for 480 days (approximately 16 months) for each child. Parents are because of gender equality aspects encouraged to share the leave. That is why 90 days out of the total 480 days are reserved for each parent. Only single custody parents are entitled to take out the 480 days on their own. Parents generally get 80% of their salary (up to a set amount) if they have been working legally in Sweden for at least 240 days and paid taxes.
Lifestyle 🤸🏻‍♀️
It struck the perfect balance between the excitement of the city life and closeness to nature. In Stockholm, you can go from high-street shopping on Drottninggatan to jumping in the lake within the space of 20 minutes. Sat alongside lake Mälaren and on the edge of the Baltic sea, the city's built on water and you can see it sparkling in the distance pretty much wherever you go – and there's a certain sense of calm about it. We Stockholmers love the outdoors and fill the warmer months with barbecues, sporting events, visits to the countryside and the colder ones with skiing weekend, hikes in the snow and ice skating. There is always something to do & see when in Stockholm!

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